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For Property Owners


We visit your property and assess rentals according to prevailing market rates in your area, as well as take digital photographs of your property to send to the prospective tenants (national or international) in order for them to view it easily and conveniently. We interview the prospective tenants in order to select those most suitable, complete with necessary credit and reference checks.

We complete the lease agreements, and collect deposits, rentals and revenue stamps. The security deposit is put into a trust account, which is audited for the Estate Agents Board. When the tenant vacates, we finalize the security deposit and the return thereof. We also facilitate the paying of accounts, as directed by the owner (i.e. municipal rates, electricity, telephones, insurances, levies or repairs) as is required. We charge a disbursement fee of R50.00 per payment. Added to this, we electronically transfer funds into the owner’s account on a monthly basis once our bankers have cleared the funds.

We do regular inventories and inspection reports. These are signed by the tenant prior to moving in, and once again when they move out. If there are any damages that need to be repaired, we then carry out these repairs. We are also happy to organize cleaning services and domestic services as required.

We are able to advise you on all painting and decorating decisions, as well as supply quotations, and supervise any carpet cleaning, spring cleaning, minor renovations or handyman work.